Microtubules are thick tube like structures made up of proteins called tubulin. They not only help with structure but also with cell division by pulling chromosomes apart. Microfilaments are thinner long structural parts of the cytoskeleton. In the cell they are composed mainly of actin. These help move the cell and organelles as needed. 8.
Cytoplasm supports and protects cell organelles. It is a jelly like substance that holds the organelles in place. Cytoplasm, just like myself, is responsible for holding everything in place. I am like cytoplasm because when tough times come I hold my family together.

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Jelly-like substance that fills cells and holds organelles in place ... that holds a variety of enzymes. ... Carey Gerber Created Date: 09/13/2011 05:30:27 Title: The ...
Using household items make a three-dimensional model of a plant or animal cell that meets the criteria listed below. (Sample items: cereal, balloons, gummi worms, mints, fruit slices, dried fruit, matches, gum balls, peanuts, rope licorice, jelly beans, sesame seeds, other candies, toothpicks.

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The function of cytoplasm is to act as the medium that fills your cells, it is a neutral jelly-like substance that acts to protect and house the cell parts within a cell.Cytoplasm is made up mostly of water and salt and is clear and colorless.. All cells are filled with a jelly-like substance known as cytoplasm. Usually, cytoplasm is colorless and see-through because it is composed of water at ...
The cytoplasm is composed of two parts, the cytosol and organelles. Cytosol, the jelly-like substance within the cell, provides the fluid medium necessary for biochemical reactions. ... the many different cellular organelles work together to keep the cell healthy and performing all of its important functions.

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Ribnonucleic acid, three types ( t-RNA, r-RNA, & m-RNA) invlolved in the production of proteins in the cytoplasm. Nucleus. A membrane bound organelle , containing DNA, the control center of the cell. Cytoplasm. Found inside the cell membrane, organelles float in the gel-like substance, surrounds the nuclear membrane.
Cell Structures and Organelles - find out more about the structure and function of many parts of plant and animal cells. Cell Membrane - learn more about the cell membrane. Cytoplasm - this jelly-like substance holds all the organelles, as well as the cytoskeleton.

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The three main parts of the cell are the nucleus, which holds DNA, the cell membrane, which surrounds and protects the cell, and the cytoplasm, which is the jelly-like part of the cell between the membrane and the nucleus. All of the smaller organelles, such as mitochondria, are found in the cytoplasm. Cell Part Function in the Cell
• A eukaryotic cell has specialized parts, called organelles, that carry out specific functions for the cell • The organelles work together to meet the needs of the cell • For cells to stay alive, they have to: o Use energy o Store materials o Take materials from the environment o Get rid of wastes

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Cytoplasm/Cytosol Structure: Jelly – like substance between the area of the nucleus & cell membrane Function: Hold organelles in place & site for chemical reactions Cytoskeleton Structure: A network of protein filaments (microtubules, microfilaments) Function: Supports & shapes the cell Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Structure: Thin folded membranes that are connected together.

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Nov 13, 2015 · Rich in pectins, the middle lamella is shared by neighboring cells and cements them firmly together. Positioned in such a manner, cells are able to communicate with one another and share their contents through special conduits.

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